A June 1955 summer evening, thirty-four men from the Janesville Barbershop Chorus competed on the Miami Beach stage. The SPEBSQSA chorus members under the direction of D. Schuyler Davies brought Janesville into the international spotlight, winning the top honors in Barbershop competition. “Washington Waddle,” written by D. Schuyler Davies, and “Lonesome,” by Bob Haeger,” were sung for competion; and the rousing crowd that greeted the chorus upon their return to the Rock County Airport.

Barbershoppers on stage: Russell Bahr, Alfred Draper, Henry Rickerl, Connor Ford, Francis Gilbertson, John Doheny, Richard Gilbertson, Jack Gray, Henry Helmers, Armond Hendren, Duane Olmstead, Vern Ramsdell, Alan Skelly, Sid Walker, Richard Chamberlain, Al Jindra, Archie Davis, Harold Schwebke, Joseph Loberger, Ruel Madison, Herbert Shultz, John Pflaum, Milton Pflaum, Bruce McClellan, Gordon Roades, Keith Merrifield, Don Doherty, Rodney Richardson, Robert Clark, Jerry Tlusty, Art Duerst, Donald Nelson, Cecil Rhodes, Dean Taylor and director D. Schuyler Davies.